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Joan Mazza's presentations invite new perspectives and open the doors to seeing the bountiful possibilities in our lives. A consummate professional, Joan masterfully blends enthusiasm, wit, in-depth research and communication expertise into timely programs that motivate, inform and entertain. Joan's insightful messages pave the way for discovering the wells of self-knowledge at the core of our being. Her sincerity, charm and humor create a safe and spirited atmosphere for learning, growing and risking genuine change. The following topics are available as seminars and workshops:

The Hidden Power of Your Dreams and Nightmares

Who's Crazy, Anyway? -- The Risks and Benefits of Psychotherapy

Take Back Your Life: Living Your Authentic Self

Marketing Your Writing

Journal Writing and Creativity

Malleable Minds

Creating Intentional Relationships

When Life Gives You Lemons...

Exploring Subpersonalities and Your Shadow

Coping with Difficult Clients/Patients/People

Managing Change in the Workplace

Jump-Start Your Writing

Journal Writing as Self-Therapy

How to Say No with a Smile -- Setting Personal Boundaries

Finding Your Purpose: Writing a Mission Statement

Creating Personal Rituals and Ceremonies

Managing Your Emotions

Conscious Sexuality

The Nature of Rage

Joan Mazza, M.S. LMHC will be doing book signings and free dream workshops based on her book Dreaming Your Real Self: A Personal Approach to Dream Interpretation. Click here for dates & locations.

Call Joan Mazza at (540) 872-2332 for more information.


Joan Mazza, M.S. LMHC