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"Christmas Carols"
New Verse News
December 25, 2019

Writing in a Woman's Voice
August 2019

"You are not too old, and it’s not too late"
Hong Kong Review
Issue #5, September 2019

"How To Be A Writer"
May 2019

"Blown Away"
March 2019

"Garden Vegetables"
New Verse News
August 4, 2019

"Widowed Earrings"
Artemis Journal
spring 2019

"Not Generous"
Remington Review

Remington Review
summer 2019

"Cloistered Days", "Period of Confinement", and "Sestina for a Quarantine."

River City Poets Anthology

"Good Cooks"
Crab Orchard Review: A World of Flavors

"My Father’s Work"
Italian Americana
winter 2020 issue

"Scars" (flash memoir, prose)
Jellyfish Review

"Darwin and DaVinci"
Marathon Literary Review
Feb. 2019

"My Mother Returns"
December 2018

"Telling My True Story"
Life in 10 Minutes

"What We Call News"
New Verse News
November 25, 2018

"There's Never Only One"
New Verse News
September 27, 2018

"Where two or more are gathered"
Life in 10 Minutes
September 27, 2018

"Love Poem to Haulover Beach"
September 2018

"Dreams have a way" and "Dreaming of My Sister"
August 2018

"Praise Song for the Life I’ve Made"
Blue Heron Review
Summer 2018

"Honoring Ancestors"
July 2018

Valparaiso Poetry Review Volume XIX
May 2018, Number 2 (Spring/Summer 2018)

"Adolescence is"
Blue Fifth Review
May 2018

"Looking for Good News"
New Verse News
May 21, 2018

"Crown Palinode for Mother"
May 2018

April 2018

"First Favor" (flash memoir)
Streetlight Magazine
March 2018

"Nourishing Traditions"
The Disappointed Housewife
March 2018

March 2018

"No Impact" + photos at
February 2018

"Evening Walk"
January 2018

"In Love with Science", "Making Space", "Bread Holiday", and "Thinking About Approval"
Four poems in the January 2018

"Doctor, Dear" and "Scenes I’d Like to Replay with My Former Psychiatrist"
Two poems: one from 1972 and a follow-up from 2009, with hindsight.

"Dinner Party Invitation"
November 2017

"Getting Lost, 1959"
Poetry Bay/Long Island Quarterly
Fall/Winter 2017

"Sestina for the Fix"
November 2017

"Before the First Bite"
October 2017

"Autumn’s Connotation"
September 2017

"Thirty-Three" and "Now to Discover"
Streetlight Magazine
September 2017

August 2017

"Stories We Will Tell the Children of the Future"
In six parts, the poetry sequence July 2017

"On Being Asked How I Write a Poem Every day"
June 2017

"My Mind is a Junk Drawer"
Blue Fifth Review. (page down)
May 2017

"Full Snow Moon"
May 2017

"Attachment Unavailable"
May 2017

"The Scent of Memory"
Five sonnets of the series April 2017

"Stories We Will Tell the Children of the Future"
Gloom Cupboard
April 2017

"Desire is a Slime Mold"
The Matador Review
Published spring 2017 issue, March 2017

March 2017

Two poems
Mezzo Cammin
January 2017

"Prep" at Rat’s Ass Review for "Such an Ugly Time"
Rat’s Ass Review
January 2017

New Verse News 2017/02/18
Sunday, Feb. 19, 2017

"How to Measure a Leader"
Rise Up Review
February 2017

"Send in Your DNA Today!"
Feminine Collective
#6 of 6. December 2016

"Ninth Planet" and "That Missed Connection"
Rat's Ass Review
December 2016

"Genome Analysis"
Feminine Collective
#5 of 6. December 2016

Ren Powell's interview of me online
November 2016

"Tales of Immigrant Ancestors"
Feminine Collective
#4 of 6. November 2016

"Election Day Approaches"
New Verse News
November 7, 2016

Streetlight Magazine
October 2016

"Map of My Origins"
Feminine Collective
#3 of 6. October 2016

Feminine Collective
#2 of 6. October 2016

"Grandma Josephine"
Feminine Collective
#1 of 6. October 2016

"Impolite and arrogant"
New Verse News
October 24, 2016

"You Buy a Painting"
October 2016

"Ode to Ravioli"
September 2016

"August Afternoon Routine" and "How are you coping with the news in the Middle East?"
August 2016

"Filamentous Algae"
July 2016

"May Wildflowers in Virginia"
May 2016

"Write Something"
April 2016

"Casting Spells before Dawn"
New Verse News
March 4, 2016

"We Love Images of Tiny Houses"
Blue Heron Review
Winter 2016

"Return to Old Ways"
March 2016

"Night Visitor" and "Six Inches of Snow"
February 2016

"Medical Advice to Women of Child-Bearing Age"
New Verse News
January 31, 2016

"Love Poem to Brooklyn"
Allegro Poetry Magazine
Issue 7, November 2015

"Ode to Sewing Baskets" and "Praise Song for Old Ways"
November 2015

"Unpacked Box" and "Hibernation"
October 2015

"Writers' Guidelines"
September 2015

Three poems
Summer 2015

August 2015

"On Father’s Day"
New Verse News
June 26, 2015

"Elegy to Claudia Emerson"
New Verse News
December 8, 2014

"Ideas of Reference," "To climb into a book," and "We would call him"
Open Window Review
Fall 2014

Blue Fifth Review
November 2014

"Aboard the HMS Beagle"
Poetry Bay, Long Island Quarterly
Winter 2006-7

"Charles Speaks from His Deathbed"
The Eloquent Atheist
March 2008

"Seeing Gone With the Wind for the Sixth Time"
Blue Fifth Review
Winter 2007

"When We Were Students"
First Place Winner, Skyline Summer Poetry Contest

"Numbers for the Week"
Nominated for a Pushcart Prize, Skyline Review
Winter Sky
Winter 2008

"If You Only Knew"
The Tupelo Press Poetry Project
June 2007 (page down to second poem)

"Wearing Khaki" and "Numbers for the Week"
Protest Poems
December 2008

"A Week Before Equinox" and "Words on Houses, Prophecy for 2009"
Sol Magazine
March 2009. These two poems won third prizes in the Sol Magazine poetry project contest, after a month (September, 2008) of a poem-a-day prompts.

"First Hard Freeze"
Persimmon Tree
3rd prize, September 2009

"Returned from the Jungle"
Foundling Review
October 2009

"Unpacked Box," "Sound Beach 1960," and "Carolina Wren"
Ouroboros Review
Spring 2010

"To a Mathematician"
JoAnn Growney's mathematical poems
August 2011

"The Sound of Music"
Linden Avenue Literary Journal Issue #4.
September 2012

"Burkas for Sale"
New Verse News
February 18, 2012

"In the Land of the Free"
New Verse News
April 14, 2012

"Drone On Ghazal"
New Verse News
May 14, 2012

"Memorial Day at Arlington Cemetery"
New Verse News
May 28, 2012

"The Boy Scouts of America"
New Verse News
October 21, 2012

"After the Election"
New Verse News
November 8, 2012

"Cleaning Up After the Hurricane"
New Verse News
November 21, 2012

New Verse News
December 9, 2012

New Verse News
December 21, 2012

"Miss Blanton, Teacher"
The Fear of Monkeys
December, 2012

JoAnne Growney's blog

INTERSECTIONS: Poetry with Mathematics
January 2013

#5 of Nurses' Stories (rehab poems)
New Verse News
March 18, 2013

Four poems

April, 2013

"What They Will Find" and
"Bonsai Marriage"

Reprinted at Miller's Pond Poetry.
April 2013

"Why My Dog Isn't Speaking to Me"
Diverse Voices Quarterly
Volume 5: Issue #17
Spring 2013

"Autobiography of Silence" and
"Death Drives Up"

Big River Poetry Review
April 2013

"The Cicadas are Coming"
New Verse News
May 6, 2013

"One Moment of Now"
Pahto’s Shadow
Spring 2013

"Be Outraged"
New Verse News
June 11, 2013

June 24, 2013

The Quotable
August 14, 2013

"April Monday," "Limitless," and "Woodland Understory"
Buddhist Poetry Review
September 2013

"First Day of Summer in Virginia"
October 7, 2013

"Interior Sestina," "Dreaming Sestina," and "Sestina for Anthony"
Festival Writer
July 2014

Mobius: The Journal of Social Change
Summer 2014

"Ode to Sewing Baskets," "Praise Song for Old Ways," and "At the End of a Long Gravel Driveway"
Apple Valley Review
Fall 2014

"Autumn's Connotation"
Boston Literary Magazine
Fall 2014

"Down the Aisle" (terza rima sonnet)
Beltway Poetry Quarterly
Winter 2015


Joan Mazza, M.S. LMHC