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Joan Mazza is an author, speaker, licensed mental health counselor (psychotherapist), writing coach, and certified sex therapist. She has appeared on radio and television as a dream specialist and offers personal growth and writing workshops. Her column on journaling dreams appeared in Personal Journaling Magazine, published by Writer's Digest Books.

Published Books (Non-fiction)

Dreaming Your Real Self: A Personal Approach to Dream Interpretation (Perigee, July 1998)

Who's Crazy, Anyway? --Everything You Always Wanted to Know About the Risks and Benefits of Psychotherapy, But Didn't Want to Have to Pay a Therapist to Find Out (iUniverse, June 2000)

Dream Back Your Life: Transforming Dream Messages into Life Action - A Practical Guide to Dreams, Daydreams, and Fantasies
(Perigee/PenguinPutnam, July 2000)

From Dreams to Discovery
(Walking Stick Press/Writer's Digest, Nov. 2000)

Things That Tick Me Off
(Walking Stick Press/Writer's Digest, Nov. 2000)

Exploring Your Sexual Self
(Walking Stick Press/Writer's Digest, June 2001)

Essays and Articles

Writer’s Digest Magazine (2001-2006)
Personal Journaling, column & features
The Writer (October 2000)
Playgirl (April 2000)
Personal Journaling (Oct. 1999-Dec. 2001)
Inside Joke
Yesterdays Magazette
Wichita Singles Newsletter
Metro Singles Lifestyles
Singles Almanac
Heartland Foundation
Atlanta Singles Magazine
South Florida Single Living
etc magazine, UNC, Charlotte
Recovery Today
She Times
Loving More (Fall 2001)

Short Fiction

1st place winner, The Book Group of South Florida
      Fiction Contest (May 2000)
Haunts (Nightshade Publications)
Sign of the Times
Version 90, Primal Publishing
Oak Square
Tucumcari Literary Review
The Mythic Circle
Changes Magazine
Liquid Ohio (2005)
The MacGuffin (Spring 2006)


Writer’s Journal, 2nd place contest winner,
   June 2000
Messages from the Heart, Spring 1999
Frisson, Spring 1999
Muse of Fire, Oct. 1998
The Oak, Oct. 2000
Möbius, May 1999
George & Mertie’s Place, July 1999
Free Focus, July 2000
Naked Verses (an anthology), July 2000
Transcendent Visions, Spring 2001
Loving More Magazine, Fall 2002
Permafrost, Fall 2002
Write On!! Poetry Magazette, Feb. 2003
Dream Fantasy International #31, 2002-2003
Writer’s Bloc, Spring 2003
Potomac Review, Fall 2003
Voices in Italian Americana, Fall 2003
Erased, Sigh, Sigh, Via Dolorosa Press, Spring 2004
Meridian Anthology, Vol.1, #2, Spring 2004
Confluence, Volume 15, 2004
Red Owl Magazine, Fall 2004
Pegasus, Fall 2004
Bear Creek Haiku, (#58) December, 2004
Pennsylvania English, Fall 2005
The Mid-America Poetry Review, 2005, 2006
The Penwood Review, Spring 2005 & Fall 2006
Editor’s Choice Award, Paterson Literary Review
   #35, 2006
Slipstream, #26, 2006
Timber Creek Review, Spring 2006
Long Island Quarterly, July 2006
Workers Write Journal, April 2007
Blue Fifth Review, Winter 2007
Semi-finalist, The Sow’s Ear poetry contest
Living Work, Blue Cubicle Press 2007
the minnesota review, Spring 2007
Poetry Society of Virginia, 3rd place winner, 2007
Boston Literary Magazine, Summer 2007
Tupelo Press Poetry Project, June/July 2007
First Place, Skyline Magazine Contest, Aug. 2007
The Hudson Review, 2007
Winter Sky, 2007
The Eloquent Atheist (online) March 2008
Talking River, 2008
Quercus Review, 2008
The Fourth River, Fall 2008
Tonight: An Anthology of World Love Poetry
   Poets Printery, 2008
Poetry Society of Virginia contest
   1st, 2nd, & 3rd place 2009
Lady Jane’s Miscellany, July 2009
Survivor’s Review, July 2009
The Cartier Street Review, October 2010
Babel Fruit, fall 2009
Persimmon Tree, 3rd prize, fall 2009
The Mom Egg, fall 2009
Shakespeare’s Monkey Review, fall 2009
The Foundling Review, October 2009
American Journal of Nursing, December 2009
The Stray Branch, spring/summer 2010
Ouroboros Review, spring 2010
Wazee Journal, spring 2010
Italian Americana, spring 2010
Innisfree Poetry Journal, spring 2010
Front Range Review, March 2010
Damselfly Press, January 2010
Off the Coast, spring 2010
Kestrel, May 2010
Open Minds Quarterly, May 2010
The DuPage Valley Review, fall 2010
Stone’s Throw, October 2010
Windhover, fall 2010
Labor, spring 2012
Cider Press Review, spring 2012
Rattle, spring 2012
MiamiArtZine, February 2012
Tapestry, spring 2012
New Verse News, 9 poems in 2012
The Bees Knees Traveling Poetry, summer 2012
Linden Avenue Literary Journal, fall 2012
Front Porch Review, January 2013
The Fear of Monkeys, January 2013
River Poets Journal, January 2013
Century 121, January 2013
Still Crazy Literary Magazine, January 2013
Dead Mule School of Southern Literature, Apr. 2013
South Florida Arts Journal, April 2013
New Verse News, March, 2013
Diverse Voices Quarterly, spring 2013
The MacGuffin, spring 2013
Emerge Literary Journal, spring & winter 2013
miller’s pond poetry, spring 2013
Open Window Review, summer 2013
Barely South Review, September 2013
Big River Poetry Review, spring 2013
Pahto’s Shadow, spring 2013, June 4, 2013
Red River Review, fall 2013
Open Window Review, summer 2013
Voices: The art and science of psychotherapy
   summer 2013
Still Crazy Literary Magazine, July 2013
Barely South Review, fall 2013
The Quotable, fall 2013
Evening Street Review, fall 2013
Kentucky Studies Journal, 2013
Buddhist Poetry Review, Sept. 2013
The Nation, October 2013
Edison Literary Review, fall 2013
Conclave: A Journal of Character, Nov. 2013
Whitefish Review, Dec. 2013
Mobius, June 2014
Mezzo Cammin, June 2014
Tapestry, summer 2014
The Liberal Media Made Me Do It
   (anthology, April 2014)
Blue Fifth Review, November 2014


  Joan Mazza, M.S. LMHC