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The Hidden Power Of Your Dreams and Nightmares

Your dreams -- and nightmares -- have a wisdom and knowledge that is often difficult to access. Using examples from common dreams, Joan unveils the mystery behind dream metaphors and symbols, revealing the personal, timely and meaningful messages they provide. Through a variety of dreamwork techniques you will learn how to:

  • use dreams for problem-solving and decision-making at work and at home
  • decipher personal symbols
  • use dreams for creativity
  • stop nightmares
  • discern the layers of meanings behind every dream

Marketing Your Writing

A one-day workshop to learn how to get your writing published: submission style, appropriate markets, tracking submissions, motivation to submit, and handling rejections.

Journal Writing and Creativity

5 classes to explore the many styles of keeping a personal journal, how to use the journal as starting place for creativity, and use journal entries to express yourself and find your voice.

Creating Intentional Relationships

What does it mean to be intentional in our relationships instead of letting them unfold in undesired ways? In this lively program Joan offers specific strategies for exploring ways of creating and maintaining the satisfying relationships we all really want. After exploring the reality of romance, intimacy, commitment and passion, you'll learn:

the three rules of lasting relationships
  • to ask for what you want from your partner
  • to share your deepest secret self
  • to set boundaries
  • to say NO
  • to establishing your vision of a good relationship

Both singles and couples will benefit from the insights and valuable skills this workshop presents.

When Life Gives You Lemons...
Transcending trauma and tragedy, transforming anger and grief.

When life deals you a difficult hand to play, what do you do? Why do some people handle hardships and difficulties with success while others collapse into dysfunction, depression, and addiction? Why do some people overcome the worst experiences and others have difficulty with even small hurdles?

Topics will include:

  • the traits of people who rise above difficulty
  • reframing problems into opportunities
  • learning from the ordeal; seeing it as a lesson
  • how people use boundaries to protect themselves
  • speaking your truth
  • how do you nurture yourself? Healthy pleasures
  • avoiding the victim role or letting a trauma define you
  • trusting your instincts, good sense
  • being who you are and letting your true self emerge

At the end of this program, participants will be able to identify:

  • 4 ways to overcome and/or cope with tragedy and disappointment
  • 4 strategies for dealing with difficulty
  • 5 skills to handle fears and anxieties
  • 4 methods used to control people who are temporarily victims
  • 10 ways to set boundaries at work and at home
  • 6 ways to avoid sinking into the victim mentality
  • 12 techniques for being closer to the true Self

Exploring Subpersonalities and Your Shadow

What are the various aspects of our personalities that make us act in ways we don't understand? How are they affecting our careers and personal relationships? Why do they drain us of energy and vitality when we keep them concealed from ourselves and others? Using writing, drawing and a variety of other playful techniques, Joan will open the possibility for you to satisfy and own the more hidden aspects of your personality. You'll discover how powerful these Shadow selves can be, and learn how they can be integrated to make you whole, vital and successful in all your life endeavors.

Conscious Sexuality

Our sexual energy affects all aspects of our lives. This thoughtful program explores how we may be mindless in the way we engage in sex and suggests ways to restore the passionate, sensual enjoyment of sexuality that is our natural condition. Discussions will include what it means to be responsible sexually, knowing your lovemap, selfloving, sharing fantasies, asking for what you want, respect for sexual boundaries, and privacy. Students are asked to bring a notebook for their private use.

The Nature of Rage

Rage can be debilitating, dangerous, or the wellspring of change and growth. What we do with rage - ours and others' - can determine our continued suffering or our turning the energy of anger into productive action. Self-awareness about our anger can prevent us from acting out our anger instead of managing it productively and appropriately. An awareness of the warning signs of rage in others and knowledge of how to diffuse it can prevent violence in the home and in the workplace. This six-hour seminar will look at sources of rage, and handling your own rage as well as that of others.

Jump-Start Your Writing

Every writer has her own set of difficulties writing and getting published. Successful writers find ways to deal with and overcome them. This one-day seminar will focus on how to overcome the many kinds of blocks that writers experience, both internal and external. We will discuss internal blocks such as getting stuck, the perfectionism trap, inability to finish projects, and lack of motivation or inspiration. External blocks include finding time to write in your busy schedule, coping with distractions, handling criticism and rejection, and identifying your writing saboteurs. We will do short writing exercises to help you deal with your blocks. Mazza will offer a variety of motivational tricks used by successful writers to find which ones work best for you to jump-start your writing and to see you through to publication. A comprehensive handout is included with your registration.

Call Joan Mazza at (540) 872-2332 for more information.

  Joan Mazza, M.S. LMHC