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Things That Tick Me Off — How to Get Through and Past What Makes Me Angry
by Joan Mazza, MS
Walking Stick Press/Writer's Digest, April 2001

Traffic jams. Mean people. Parking Tickets. Without a doubt, you have your own list of things that can make you angry. This guide helps you to vent your frustrations and alleviate stress as you explore emotional causes and effects. With every entry, you'll examine your negative feelings, learn to cope with your anger, and eventually develop a greater sense of peace and balance.



Part One. Understanding anger

Chapter 1. How to use this book

Chapter 2. What is anger?

Chapter 3. What to do with anger

Chapter 4. Why journaling about what ticks you off (or other negative emotions) isn't negative

Part Two. What Makes You Angry: Ventilate!

Chapter 5. What drives you crazy

Chapter 6. Hot buttons at work

Chapter 7. Hot buttons at home and in your personal life

Chapter 8. World affairs, what's in the news

Chapter 9. Let us bless irreverence

Chapter 10. When you feel like a victim

Part Three. Transforming and Using Anger Productively

Chapter 11. Managing anger

Chapter 12. Using what you learn about yourself

Chapter 13. Influencing others

Chapter 14. Converting anger into useful action

Chapter 15. From here to serenity


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  Joan Mazza, M.S. LMHC