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From Dreams to Discovery
by Joan Mazza, MS
Walking Stick Press/Writer's Digest, November 2000

Using a unique mix of instruction and prompts, licensed psychotherapist Joan Mazza guides you through the dreamwork process, showing you how to interpret dream symbols, characters and messages. You'll learn the value of dreams and dreaming, how to remember your dreams and how to examine them. In doing so, you'll arrive at a whole new understanding of who you are.



Chapter 1. Getting started

 • How to use this book
 • Why keep a dream journal? The value of dreams and dreaming
 • Basic steps for dreamwork
 • Dream worksheet
 • Remembering your dreams

Chapter 2. Doorway of dream emotions

Chapter 3. Doorway of dream body states

Chapter 4. Doorway of dream language

Chapter 5. Doorway of dream characters

Chapter 6. Doorway of dream images

Chapter 7. Doorway of dream story

Chapter 8. Doorway of current issues and problems

Chapter 9. Doorway of memory

Chapter 10. Doorway of dream objects and symbols

Chapter 11. Doorway of nightmares and repeating dream themes

Chapter 12. Doorway of dream connections

Chapter 13. Doorway of dream messages

Chapter 14. Taking action on your dream message

Chapter 15. Further incubations


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  Joan Mazza, M.S. LMHC