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Dreaming Your Real Self: A Personal Approach to Dream Interpretation
by Joan Mazza, MS
Perigee/PenguinPutnam, July 1998

Unlike other books that focus on universal dream interpretations, Dreaming Your Real Self shows you how to uncover individual dream symbols to find the personal messages behind them. Each night, through our dreams, we send ourselves messages to help us better live in the world and with others. By understanding our dreams and unlocking their mysterious language, we can reach self-understanding. Begin working with your dreams immediately and reap the rewards in your private, personal, spiritual, and creative life.

 • Unlock the mystery of your strangest dreams
 • Improve dream recall
 • Use dreams to discover hidden talents and power Learn how to work with your dreams without an expert
 • Know how to choose a dream partner or group
 • Apply dreams to problem solving
 • Request guidance from your dreaming self
 • Access dreams to stimulate activity
 • Decode the layers of dream meaning
 • Actuate the dreams to improve strengths and skills
 • Understand the meanings of typical dreams: houses, disasters, flying, falling sexual encounters, attacks, etc.
 • Stop nightmares and recurrent dreams


 • Why Do Dreamwork?
 • Dream Recall--How It Works
 • What Do Dreams Mean?
 • Basic Dreamwork Techniques
 • Additional and Advanced Dreamwork Techniques
 • Working With Dreams With Others
 • Recurrent Dreams and Themes, Nightmares
 • Sexual and Erotic Dreams
 • Common Dreams and Themes
 • Dreams and Creativity
 • Conclusion: Acting on the Dream Message


Joan Mazza, M.S. LMHC will be doing book signings and free dream workshops based on her book Dreaming Your Real Self: A Personal Approach to Dream Interpretation. Click here for dates & locations. Call Joan Mazza at (540) 872-2332 for more information.


  Joan Mazza, M.S. LMHC